GET recognition statistic

GET recognition statistic

curl -v --anyauth -u axis:axis 



















Example with the time period

Time sets in microseconds Unix time

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      Real-time recognition events are received from a camera using either the VAPIX or ONVIF protocol. These events provide relevant information related to license plate recognition, without including the actual image data. To learn more about the usage ...
    • HTML response

      HTTP GET request target: http://<camera-IP-address>/local/fflprapp/events.cgi?<paramName1>=<value1>&<paramName2>=<value2> Request and response parameters are as above, while response data is wrapped into HTML instead of XML.
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      Recommeded cameras: • AXIS Q1700-LE (Top choice) • AXIS Q1805-LE (Recommended for longer distance) • AXIS P1465-LE 29 mm (recommended for shorter distance) • AXIS P3265-LVE 22 mm (recommended for shorter distance) • AXIS Q1656-DLE Fusion camera ...