NumberOK connection

NumberOK connection

General Settings:
  1. Cloud URL: This field allows you to specify the Cloud URL for uploading camera events. For example, the default Cloud URL may be "http://localhost:5001/api/camera/events/upload." Please note that "http://localhost:5001" represents the actual URL of your FF Data Factory instance.

  2. Sensor ID: Here, you can set a unique identifier for your sensor. The Sensor ID will be visible within FFDF once you start receiving events. You can choose any value for the Sensor ID that suits your needs.

Standalone mode:

  1. Data Factory: In this variant, you need to specify the Serial Number in FFDF to be equal to the Sensor ID in NumberOk. For example, if the Sensor ID in NumberOk is "SomeUserSetID2," then the Serial Number in FFDF should be set as "SomeUserSetID2" where the number "2" represents the NumberOk's channel number.

  2. Data Factory VMS Version: In this variant, you need to specify the Host address in FFDF's camera settings to be equal to the specific camera's IP address in the RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) string in NumberOk.

Additionally, you can add an RTSP source from a file. In this case, set the Host address in FFDF as "".

VMS Mode:
  1. Set the protocol version to "Data Factory VMS version" in FFDF.

  2. In FFDF, configure the camera settings by specifying the Host address. The Host address should match the IP address of the specific camera as it appears in the RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) string in NumberOk's configuration.

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